A New Standard In Elegance

Stunning and functional, these translucent sheer fabric vanes emulate elegance in any space. These shadings can be positioned fully open, fully closed or anywhere in between for the privacy control you want. What’s more is that unlike any other window shading available, the Solar Sheer can be raised with the vanes still open, allowing you to filter light in the room as you please.

Our Collection of Whistler Moonlight Solar Sheer room darkening fabrics are also available as an outstanding choice for bedrooms, media rooms or anywhere additional light control is desired.

What’s different about our product?  While everyone else uses an adhesive to attach their vanes to the front and back sheer, our vanes are actually woven in which means you don’t have separation issues that are common with the Silhouette brand.  We also have a classy unique wrapped bottom rail system that promotes much tighter vane closure than our competitors.

For an added touch, add motorization!

Other names for this products include Silhouette, Shangri-La or Sheer Horizontals.

Motorized Options


Motorized Options

Yes motors are available on this product, and it adds a whole new level of elegance to you home.

Unique Design


Unique Design

Our Solar Sheer has probably the best made product out there.  Our vanes are woven in, not glued.

Great Color Selection


Great Color Selection

We have upwards of 100 unique colors and patterns to choose from in the Solar Sheer. You’ll find something you love!

Expansive Views


Expansive View

This product rolls completely out of the way so that your beautiful scenic views are virtually unobstructed!

Kid Safe Options


Kid Safe Options

Our Solar Sheer comes with several different kid friendly options so that cords are no longer a hazard.
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