Custom Expression

Ever wish you could have the exact color, pattern, texture or design you really wanted instead of what someone else has selected to be hot this season? Now you can.

This is the power of the Design Your Own Revolution (D.Y.O.). This is the power of PERSONA shades by the Blind Factory.

PERSONA Roller, Roman, Panel Track and now Cellular shades allow you to design your own shade and express a style that is uniquely you.

Designing your own shade is simple. Either recolor one of our patterns using our full color palette or submit your own photo, graphic or design and we’ll custom print it for you.

Unique shades, designed by you, custom printed by the Blind Factory. PERSONA custom printed shades allow you to stop wishing you could find that perfect window treatment and start actually creating it – a masterpiece that is one-of-a-kind for your living space.

Our design or your design, with PERSONA, your only limit is your imagination.

Motorized Options


Motorized Options

Yes motors are available on this product in Roller, Roman and cellular Shades.

Make A Unique Design


Make A Unique Design

Complete customization from the hundreds of colors to designer patters and borders, you can make it your own!

Great Color Selection


Great Color Selection

We have hundreds of custom colors for you to choose from. You’ll find something you love!

Expansive Views


Expansive View

These products raise completely out of the way so that your beautiful scenic views are virtually unobstructed!