Style Meets Technology

One of the most exciting developments in window coverings has been the addition of motors.  At The Blind Factory we specialize in being able to provide the most advanced motorized blind systems at pricing few can compete with.  Whether you’re looking to motorize that high hard to reach window, a family or home theater room, or wanting an integrated system that ties into you home automation controls, we’ve got the experience, expertise, product line and pricing to make your plans a reality.

Depending on your needs, we can provide battery operated motors or hard-wired solutions.  And if you’re looking to go green, we can mount a small solar panel so that your window covering can become self-sustaining. Sun sensors, timers, remotes, and more…

Motorized Options


Motorized Options

Yes motors are available on this product, and it’s probably the product that has the most unique look when several shades are motorized in the same room.

Unique Design


Unique Design

Our Solar Eclipse has one of the most unique appearances of any product out there.  It’s just stunningly modern!

Great Color Selection


Great Color Selection

We have upwards of 50 unique colors and patterns to choose from in the Solar Eclipse. You’ll find something you love!

Expansive Views


Expansive View

This product rolls completely out of the way so that your beautiful scenic views are virtually unobstructed!