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Project Description

So Unique, So Stylish…

Truly revolutionary, we’ve brought Eco-friendly fashion to Saskatoon in the World’s most unique insulating blind. Offering convenient operation, lower the compressed fabric vanes as a horizontal blind for a clean look and clear view. Then with a gentle pull, expand the vanes to 1” cells to produce an elegant and energy efficient cellular shade. Available in over 800 light filtering or room darkening colors, this is sure to impress the style guru and the Eco-friend.

Now available motorized!

Motorized Options


Motorized Options

Yes motors are available on this product, and it allows you to raise, lower and adjust the van openess.

Unique Design


Unique Design

Our Flex Shade has one of the most unique appearances of any product out there.

Great Color Selection


Great Color Selection

There are over 800 color options in both light filtering and room darkening. You’ll find something you love!

Expansive Views


Expansive View

This product rolls completely out of the way so that your beautiful scenic views are virtually unobstructed!